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How To Hire A Public Adjuster

Anyone who suffered damage from hurricanes Eta or Elsa will be thankful if they have homeowners or windstorm coverage and flood insurance. But much work lies ahead. Filing claims for major damage can be a full-time job because you must document every loss and negotiate a fair settlement. Omissions and missteps you make can mean a lower payout.

If you have a claim, report it to your insurer right away so they can send their adjuster. But while insurance company adjusters represent the insurer's interests, public insurance adjusters represent you. These professionals manage the claim for you in exchange for a fee or percentage of the insurance payout. Their job is to get you every dollar to which you're entitled.

When to consider hiring help

Public adjusters generally work on large, complex claims. Recovering after a hurricane can be especially challenging because it often means filing claims on different policies. If the wind ripped your roof off as floodwaters rose, you'd file a homeowners or windstorm insurance claim and a flood insurance claim.

You could also face tricky questions like this: How much of the water damage was due to rain coming in through the torn-up roof and how much was due to flooding? The water damage related to the roof would fall under a homeowners or windstorm policy; the flood damage would fall under a flood insurance policy.

Its very important that if you did suffer any property damage that you take the proper steps to prevent you're property from further loss when filing a claim the best example I like to use is its like a court case we have to build the case up and bring proof to why you're damage is worth such and such and make sure to document you're loss and take proper photos and that if you have any invoices you make sure to keep them so later on when you do file you're claim you have the evidence that you did what you needed to do to prevent further loss

The most a National Flood Insurance Program policy pays out is $250,000 for the structure and $100,000 for personal belongings . Limits on homeowners and windstorm policies vary.

Professional help, not miracles

Filing a large insurance claim requires more time and energy than most people realize, according to United Policyholders, a consumer advocacy group in San Francisco.

Public adjusters help level the playing field because they know how to document claims, interpret the policies and argue for a fair settlement.

But they can't perform miracles. A public adjuster can't extract more money from the insurer than you're entitled to receive under the policy.

Public adjusters usually charge 15% to 25% of the total settlement, according to United Policyholders. Some states cap the fees,

How to find a good public adjuster

Call American Trust Public Adjuster we will fight tooth and nail

To help make sure we maximize your claim

“No recovery No fee”

If you are suffering from any sort of property damage from these recent storms feel free to reach out with any of our claim experts and set up a free consultation

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