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How To Protect You're Home From Sewage

If your property remains under sewage water for an extended period, the damage could be extensive. The key is to act quickly before bacteria, viruses, and germs take over. In

extreme cases, the home can become flooded with sewage, ruining carpeting, and furniture.

Additionally, flooring and insulation materials that have been soaked up can no longer be used, as well as mattresses, leather products, and paper products (including books and documents). Furniture that allows deep cleansing can be saved, as well as washable fabrics, but everything you decide to keep must be sanitized and cleaned properly.

The risk of sewage backups is greatly reduced when you keep the drains in your property clean.

Sewage backup insurance may or may not cover the costs for the water damage restoration process and the expenses for the replacement of damaged household items, depending on the cause of the backup and other factors specific for each case and policy.

Causes Of Sewer Backups

  • Sanitary line breaks (Typically found in older homes with cast iron pipes)

  • Accumulation of grease

  • Blockages

  • Line defects that allow groundwater or storm water to seep into the system

  • Poor sanitary line design solutions

  • Intentional act of clogging or vandalism

Prepare For The Cleanup

Immediately turn off the electricity in the instance of standing water or if electrical wires are in contact with water. When a sewage backup occurs anywhere within the residence, do not flush the toilets.

If you decide to tackle the cleanup yourself, wear proper safety gear. Use rubber gloves to avoid handling any waste. Wear goggles to prevent backsplashes of contaminated water. Boots prevent harmful pathogens from coming in contact with your skin.

Hire A Professional

When cleanup gets tough, hire a professional water damage restoration company, they have specialists who are vaccinated and wear protective equipment for working with and handling wastewater. They are prepared to use advanced drying and dehumidifying procedures. All excess moisture and water is extracted with high-tech machinery.

The technicians then disinfect the affected areas and deodorize the environment to combat mold.

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